Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen

The new community kitchen is being built following legal sanitary
requirements and will serve the community’s food and food production needs with a view to local supply and marketing.

With a total area of 144 m2 the new community kitchen will support various activities related to food and nutritional security such as the Saturday working parties, everyday eating together and the organic fair.

Part of the project is already finished, such as the structuring of the roof and floor of the entire area, which includes, in addition to the kitchen, the cafeteria with capacity for 50 people, a room for food storage and two bathrooms.

We started the construction of the building, the object of this project, with our own funds from the Ecovila credit fund and with the support of the organized movement of women associated with the entity.

The completion of this work is estimated at R$ 273,600.00 ± 42,881 EUR
Up to this moment R$ 81,000.00 (12,695 EUR) was invested in the building
structure. To finish the work we need to raise the kitchen and dining room
walls, install the openings (doors and windows), structure the warehouse,
renovate the bathrooms, do the electrical and hydraulic installation and paint.

The pandemic brought a new way of directing our purposes. Together with
the new way came the climatic upheavals, showing that the change in the
planet also knocks on our door to reframe community life and promote the
necessary transformations. It is showing us that we are much stronger
together while standing firm in the forest, planting and harvesting health.

In this way, we are reaffirming the need to eat together, since the most
remote times we have united around fire and food to grow ties and feed

Please see attached the work project and photos of the industrial/community kitchen.