English: About Saúde da Floresta

Saúde da Floresta (translation: Health from the Forest) supports projects in the Brazilian Amazon. In cooperation with local institutions Saúde da Floresta helps set up and implement small scale and structural projects of a medical agricultural and educative nature. These projects help to improve the living standards of the population.

How do we help?
Saúde da Floresta helps by sending medical material, emergency food aid, clothes, agricultural tools, blankets, office material, educative material, computers etc. Saúde da Floresta also negotiates with persons wishing to work on location for longer or shorter terms.

The local situation
Saúde da Floresta cooperates closely with local organisations ‘Medicina de Floresta’, ‘Santa Casa’ and ‘Novo Destino’.These organisations are located in the districts Acre and Ipixuna in the Brazillian Amazon. In these districts there are various health hazards such as leprosy, malaria, typhoid, blood diseases, cancer and chronic influenza etc.

For example: the district Ipuxuna has a population of approximatley 12.000 who have no recourse to a hospital. Luckily a new hospital is under construction. This hospital is in urgent need of medicines, medical apparatus, wheelchairs, vitamins for children and pregnant women.

Aside from emergency aid, there is a growing need for agricultural equipment, tools, pumps, solar collectors, and educative material such as musical instruments, pens, schoolbooks etc.Aside from such material, Saúde da Floresta is searching for grants and subsidies, donations and gifts.

Your help
You can help Saúde da Floresta and this way you will be helping the people of the rainforest by transferring a donation to:

Foundation Saúde da Floresta
IBAN: NL30TRIO0338792368

gebied stichting


Foundation Sáude da Floresta
Chamber of Commerce nr: 27266206
Founder: Mrs E.A. Taverne
Trompstraat 100
2518 BN The Hague
The Netherlands

Mobile: 87 00 34
E-mail: saudedafloresta@gmail.com



You may be sure that this help will be well used. Gifts to Saúde da Floresta are tax deductible because we are ANBI registered.

Thank you very much for any help,


Edine Astrid Taverne